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We are honored to be celebrating the best of Nashville including Mr. Michael A. Carter Sr. Mr. Carter currently serves as Managing Partner of Pinnacle Construction Partners, LLC a commercial preconstruction, planning and construction management service company for the public and private sector and President and CEO of MAC LLC, a commercial and residential development company.

Below you will find details regarding our Sponsorship Offerings. We would appreciate anyconsideration to support our mission.


The Namaste Gala is hosted by a group of local businessmen who aspire to create an evening that highlights continued excellence by minorities within the Nashville business community. The purpose for this gala is to encourage and help develop strategic alliances across all sectors of the Nashville business ecosystem, as well as increasing support for philanthropic efforts, particularly those impacting underserved communities. Our enduring mission is to inspire both young and emerging business leaders, alike, by providing a forum that recognizes, honors, and celebrates contributions and achievements of African American professionals.

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